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Your Next Forklift – IC or Electric

Your Next Forklift – Internal Combustion or Electric Over the years technology has made a large impact on the development of both IC (Internal Combustion) and Electric Forklifts.  Engine design, computerized ignition, closed loop fuel systems have all become contributing factors with almost

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Canadian Shield Pavement Products

Our company purchased a new 5000 lb lift truck from Liftway in 2013 to replace our worn out unit. I was very pleased with Liftway’s help in deciding which lift truck would best suit our needs. They had the selection, expert advice,

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Marsh Metrology – Testimonial

Marsh Metrology – Customer Testimonial I would like to express my appreciation for the 22′ x 25′ Mezzanine Liftway provided.  It looks great and very well constructed.  The professionalism and the cradle to grave approach of your staff from initial contact, quoting

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